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Features | 2016 Releases On My TBR

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With a new year brings a whole host of new books to devour and today I wanted to talk about a handful of upcoming releases. Of course there are so many new titles I'm looking forward to this year and this would be a very long post if I tried to feature them all! So instead I've selected ten of my top picks to share with you. Here's a little more about each one...

1. The Mystery Of Hollow Places, Rebecca Podos – 26th January
As you may already know, I'm a big fan of stories with a little mystery and that's exactly what this January release promises. The book is all about a girl whose father, a forensic pathologist and author of mysterious tales, disappears suddenly leaving her to use skills she's picked up from him to piece together the story.

2. Blackhearts, Nicole Castroman – 9th February
This YA novel is part retelling, part historical fiction as it explores the story of Blackbeard, or rather his life before becoming a notorious pirate. There's been a lot of talk about this one amongst the book blogging community so I'm really looking forward to finding out more.

3. Beautiful Broken Things, Sara Barnard - 11th February
This Contemporary read focuses on friendship and deals with difficult issues so is set to be a bit of a rollercoaster ride. Having heard so many people talking about the novel, including authors at YALC and the Young Adult Literature Weekender, this book just had to make the list. I've actually already reserved a copy from my local library and I'm really hoping it lives up to the hype.

4. The Lifeboat Clique, Kathy Parks – 1st March
Next up is this YA Contemporary novel with a dark twist, which is set to hit the shelves in March. During a party, disaster strikes leaving a group of teens stranded at sea, including a pair of ex-BFFs and the book follows what happens as they try to survive. The cover design is also particularly eye-catching which is definitely a bonus! 

5. A Study In Charlotte, Brittany Cavallaro – 1st March
The first in a planned trilogy, this one is another retelling of sorts, featuring Jamie 'great-great-grandson of John' Watson and Charlotte 'great-great-granddaughter of Sherlock' Holmes. The novel follows the pair as they find themselves framed for a crime that sounds as if it could be plucked straight from the pages of a Sherlock story - this one definitely looks like it will be an exciting read!

6. The Last Star, Rick Yancey – 5th May
Having had mixed feelings about the first two novels in the 5th Wave series I'm keen to find out how the story will conclude. The big screen adaptation of the first book is also due to hit cinemas later this week and I'm looking forward to seeing how they bring the characters and world to life. It'll hopefully also be a great refresher before the final book's release!

7. The Unexpected Everything, Morgan Matson – 5th May
If you caught my Features post back in November you'll know that I found some new favourite Contemporary reads in Matson's first three novels. I can't wait to pick up her fourth, due out in May, which follows politician's daughter Andie at the height of a scandal. I'm sure I'll be purchasing this one, and I'm intrigued to find out if they'll be any sneaky crossovers with her other books this time around.

8. The Leaving, Tara Altebrando – 7th June
Another thriller title with an intriguing premise is this summer release centring around a group of children who return after a mysterious disappearance eleven years earlier. None of them seem to remember where they have been and what happened to them or the sixth child who is still missing. I enjoyed Altebrando's collaborative novel Roomies (written alongside Sara Zarr) and whilst this is a completely different type of story I'm looking forward to picking it up!

9. The Fever Code, James Dashner - 27th September
As a fan of the Maze Runner series I've been eagerly awaiting the release of The Fever Code. The novel is a prequel to the original trilogy, featuring characters we got to know throughout the series and is set to reveal details of many unsolved mysteries including how the maze was created. I have high hopes for this one!

10. Heartless, Marissa Meyer - 8th November
Sticking with the theme showcased throughout her four-book series The Lunar Chronicles, Marissa Meyer's next release is another retelling of sorts. This time she's taking on the world of Wonderland and penning the story of The Queen Of Hearts... before she became queen. Having enjoyed Meyer's twists on other classic characters such as Cinderella and Snow White I'm keen to find out how she will put her own spin on the queen's story.

Which 2016 releases are you most looking forward to?

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