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Bookish Links #13

Welcome to our first Bookish Links of the new year! This is our monthly feature where we share some recent favourite reads from around the web. Here are some of the articles we've been loving lately...

1. Hidden Gems - we're kicking off with Jamie's post all about the 2015 releases she feels should have gotten more attention than they did. We've discovered some new titles for our TBR lists thanks to this blog post and we hope you will too!

2. Controlling Characters - this thought-provoking post looks at how much control authors really have over their own creations, more specifically their characters. Just how much can be changed by the opinions of readers?

3. Home Decor With Books - if you're anything like us you probably love a good coffee table book! This list shared over on Lauren Conrad's website features ten titles for your wish list, inspired by the author's love of using coffee table books as part of her home decor.

4. The Best Of 2015 - taking things back now to reads of 2015, we loved the design and content of Alexandra's recent  favourites post. If you've written a 2015 favourites post we'd love to read it, don't forget to leave a link in the comments section below!

5. Read Like A Gilmore - another thing we love here at BB is the TV series Gilmore Girls! If you want to find out how well you would do when it comes to the popular Rory Gilmore reading challenge check out this Buzzfeed checklist.

6. More YA For Your TBR - this list of hotly anticipated YA titles from the Barnes & Noble blog has some brilliant ideas for what to read this year. We can't wait to dive in to all of these upcoming releases! 

7. New Year, New Goals - worried about struggling to achieve your 2016 reading goals? Ali's post has some top tips to help keep you on track! Don't forget to let us know what your goals for the year are in the comments section!

9. Austen Meets YA - we loved this graphic from xpressoreads which shares YA book recommendations based on Jane Austen classics. Do you have any titles to add to the list?

10. Big Screen Books - as well as discussing books we also love to take a closer look at adaptations. In this post Shannon shares her thoughts on Mockingjay Part 2, the final movie in the Hunger games series. What did you think of the film?

11. An Alternative Format - continuing on with this theme is Emily's article all about movie to comic adaptations! Have you read any of these titles?

12. Judging By Covers? - we're big Harry Potter fans here at BB and really enjoyed this post from Book Riot which showcases the many covers this popular book series has seen over the years. Which designs are your favourites?

If you've read or written an interesting bookish article you think our readers would enjoy please let us know - it may be featured in a future post!  

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