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The Realmsic Conquest: The Candle of Crest | Demethius Jackson | Review


Welcome to Realm, a land of magic that has never known peace. The king has just been wounded and there's a massive army at the castle doorsteps. Leoden, the Hero of Legend, must find the Candle of Crest if King Maebus is to have any chance.


Last year I read and reviewed the prequel to this book and absolutely loved it. I still recommend it to friends. So when I found out that Jackson had written another Realmsic book previously, I started stalking the used book sites for a good copy. I was not disappointed.

Jackson wrote Realmsic Conquest: The Candle of Crest entirely in verse. Four line stanzas with rhymes that go back and forth between true rhymes and some slant rhymes. I got so into this book that I even started thinking in rhymes. He did this because he wanted "to demonstrate the use of rhyme as an art form beyond the scope of music and poetry." As someone who grew up on stories written in verse form, it was very easy for me to get into flow of the story. And for those that worry that writing in verse takes a lot from the story, Jackson also includes chapter summaries at the end.

As for the story, it is in true Realmsic format and reads like a myth or legend from ancient times. You have heroes, villains, wars, magic and more. It is a delightful, quick read that satisfied my need to read something different. If you find yourself a copy, I recommend picking it up.

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