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The Truth About Magic | Atticus | Review

“All she wanted was that cozy love the kind that felt like hot chocolate, rainstorms or wood fires in small houses. Hard to describe but you know when you got it.”
Once again, Instagram-famous Atticus brings us a stunningly beautiful collection of short poems. In his third collection, The Truth About Magic, Atticus takes on Youth, Love, Adventure, Her, Darkness, Words and Stars, each the title of a new chapter with themed poems.

I'm not really one to read poetry - I usually struggle, get bored, or long for some characters or dragons or something - but Atticus' short snippets of beautiful words always draw me in. Perhaps it's their short length that grabs me, or that so many of the poems hit home or surprise me at their ending. He has a way of taking the ordinary and making it beautiful; taking those feelings and thoughts that we have as humans and describing them in a way that we perhaps haven't thought about before.

Even the dedication is beautiful:

"This book is for
the day dreamers,
the night thinkers,
the summer skinny dippers
for anyone who ever said
'the night is young'
or watched the sunrise
on a beach
far from home -
but mostly it's for you
the quiet ones
at parties
looking out of windows
wondering about the stars."

One of my favourite parts of the book is actually Atticus' final remarks, just before the acknowledgements. I think he captures the book and it's themes remarkably in this wee section.

"The truth is - magic lives in all of us who choose to look for it.
It lives in the morning in the springtime, it's in the smell of the world after the rain, or a stormy afternoon in bed on a Sunday, it's in warm sweaters and a lovers' nook, it's in those days that never end, and the days that end too soon.
It's in every spicy margarita or bathtub with rosé, it's in good books and Spanish beaches, it's in forests where the trees sway or lakes that shine back the moon.
It's in art; it's in music; it's in words. It's in you and it's in me and any of us that choose to find it. For the greatest truth about magic ... is that it's true."

Atticus' two other poem collections are Love Her Wild and The Dark Between Stars, and are, perhaps, even more beautiful than this one.

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