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Remains | Belle Antoinette | Review

*Image and ebook provided by French Press Bookworks in exchange for an honest review.


Victoria Wesley is a witch. Her parents and twin brother are also witches, or at least they were until they were killed by vampires and werewolves respectively. Victoria, a teenager, finds herself wandering, looking for answers, never staying in one place for very long. She accidentally builds herself a reputation as The Lone Witch and becomes a bit of a supernatural celebrity.


This book was sold to me as "a paranormal romance for those who don't like paranormal romances." As someone who has always failed to be interested in that genre, I was intrigued. Not to mention, French Press Bookworks has yet to really let me down.* True to their word, I did like this book. Any story lines that were romance or love based were secondary, if not tertiary, to the overarching story line about a powerful teenage witch looking for who killed her family and why.

The story is very interesting, though at times heavy on "teenage drama". The characters and their roles in the group are thought out and not two-dimensional. The villain of the story definitely appealed to me. He had the charm, intelligence and touch of crazy that I enjoy seeing in bad guys. Stories are always more interesting when the antagonist knows so much more than the heroes.

I will say that the second half of the book had a handful of spelling/grammar errors, but I received an ARC so hopefully those are corrected in the final publication.

Antoinette does a great job of setting Remains up for a sequel. While this isn't my genre, I will say that I am interested in reading the next one. This is an interesting world with many avenues (i.e. military labs that "study" the supernatural) still left to flesh out a bit more. So, if you are looking for a paranormal story with blood and fire, I do recommend this Remains by Belle Antoinette. 

*I'm still waiting for Grim Hearts to be published.

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