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Features | Getting out of a reading slump

We all know the feeling. Your to read pile is as high as the ceiling but you can't actually motivate yourself to read any of them. Reading slumps suck, and they can be so difficult to get out of. Here are my tips to motivating yourself to read again.

Don't finish bad books
Often I get into reading slumps in the middle of books. I can't motivate myself to finish the book that I'm reading, but I don't want to start another book. Recently though, I've realised that persevering with bad books is just a waste of time. Reading should be fun, and so if you are not enjoying a book, leave it and move on. If you're that desperate to know what happens just Google the plot (not going to lie, I have done that on several occasions)

Go back to what you know you love
If you fall into a reading slump because you've tried a new genre or author that you don't really like, go back to what you usually read. Reading a book you will probably enjoy, even if its a re read, can help to get you back into reading as it helps to remind you why you love it in the first place.

Allocate time to read
I know that I often say I will start reading again and then I put it off and never end up doing it. Instead, give yourself a specific time or place that you will read and make a conscious effort to pick up a book, Chances are, once you start you wont be able to stop.

Remove distractions
Kind of an obvious one, but you will never be able to get into any book if you're on your phone at the same time.

Read book blogs
Reading about books and seeing people rave about them always inspires me to start reading. Just be careful you don't end up going on a book buying spree afterwards (although in my experience that is kind of inevitable!)

Finally, remember you don't have to feel guilty about not reading. It should be something you do for fun, not because you feel you have to!

Katie x

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