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Group Collaboration | Fandom Pride

Summer is just around the corner and hopefully this means you guys have a little more free time to indulge in. For some of us - well, lets be real here, most of us - this means delving right back into our beloved literary fandoms. 

We know you guys love sounding off about books you love here on Blogger's Bookshelf but this month we got our blogger's talking beyond the books and about the communities surrounding them...
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While I think I'm part of more TV show fandoms, when it comes to book-based fandoms, I'm most certainly a part of the Harry Potter generation and will be part of the wonderful fandom always. I'm also a big fan of the Shawdowhunter world, created in the Mortal Instruments and the Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare, and will never pass up an opportunity to spend hours scrolling though images, memes, gifs and the general awesomeness that is Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, and The Hobbit.
Of course these are also movies, and while I love them too, the books always win. I used to really like the Twilight series, and had read the first book or two before they became cool. My friend and I used to talk about it a lot (when it came out we were only 15), but I think the hype and the movies definitely pushed me out of that world, and I found myself no longer caring. Funny how that happens sometimes. 
- Anjali 

I'm still waiting for the day that I get thrown into a community in the depths of Tumblr and obsess over it until something more important comes around, which probably won't ever happen. I find it pretty admirable that some people's levels of dedication to their fandoms range from casual browser to complete die hard obsessive. I've also found myself at levels of astonishment at the effort people put into fan-art, and I see it and wish I had the talent to do what these fandoms do.

I may not be part of one, but if you are part of one, rest assured, you can keep up the good work and be applauded and not judged by me. Until you write creepy fanfiction. That gets creepy… 
- Joshua

I grew up in Potter Madness. I was desperate to receive a Hogwarts letter on my eleventh birthday, and truly believed that it was possible. For the release of the final book I remember queueing up outside W H Smith at midnight while I was on holiday in Cornwall, there were so many people there and the queue went back down to the beach, it was a wonderful excited atmosphere. Even though I haven’t read the books for a number of years I will always be a fan, and although I never thought the films did justice to the books I still loved those too, and went to the Harry Potter studio tour as soon as it opened. 
- Cat

I started my 'fandom' journey like many through the Harry Potter books and I haven't really left - I'm definitely a person on the periphery now but I've loved being a part of the online aspects and going to Harry Potter conventions. After that I pretty much went along most of the 'big' fan eras since then. I'll begrudgingly admit to being a Twi-hard back in the day, but I was also super into the Hunger Games (totally the feels after finishing Mockingjay when it came out and all the JLaw casting drama!) and Divergent communities for a while.

Nowadays I'd probably identify myself first and foremost as Nerdfighter, which in all honesty is a community that stretches far past John Green's books. Over the years a lot of my books I read are less 'series' based so I find myself just being a lukewarm fan of most things. I'm still waiting for the day I get suckered into my next huge fandom phenomenon! 
- Ria

What about you guys? 
Which book fandoms have you stuck with till the very end? 
Are there any you've dropped from your lives? 
Or are you still searching for that one book that will take hold of your life beyond the novel?
Leave your comments below! 

Next month we wanna get an idea of where you read and your reading routines. If you fancy getting featured in the post just email or drop us a tweet @blog_bookshelf!

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  1. Definitely Harry Potter, its one of the only series I leapt into without any prodding from outside sources. I read the first ones when I was in Primary School.

    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

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