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It's Not Summer Without You | Jenny Han | Review

It's Not Summer Without You is the second book in the Summer I Turned Pretty trilogy but despite that, this review won't contain spoilers from the previous book. The series is about Belly, a young teenager who has just blossomed into herself and two boys she always spends Summer with, are just starting to notice. Summer has always been something Belly has looked forward to all year round but this Summer, too much has changed. 

I liked this book more than the first as the characters were more grown up and I could relate to their decisions and behaviors a lot more than their previous years described in the first book. The book built upon the events that unfolded in the first and I felt it was a natural progression and the books blended together, rather than being jumpy as books in a series can sometimes be during the transition from book to book. The writing was just as intriguing as the first book, and I wouldn't have expected anything else from Queen of Contemporary, Jenny Han. 

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