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The Secret Diary Of Lizzie Bennet | Bernie Su & Kate Rorick | Reviewed by Erin

the secret diary of lizzie bennet

For those who may have missed it The Lizzie Bennet Diaries webseries is a modern adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic novel Pride & Prejudice which sees main character Elizabeth Bennet as an ambitious 24 year old in 2012, studying mass communications. As part of her thesis Lizzie decides to start making videos, sharing snippets of her life online with the help of best friend and filmmaker Charlotte. In this modern day version of events we meet Lizzie’s sisters hard-working fashionista Jane and party girl Lydia, as well as a whole host of others from the original novel brought up to date for a new audience.

The Secret Diary Of Lizzie Bennet is an extension of the adaptation and as the title suggests the book is set out in a diary format with dated entries from Lizzie reflecting the events also shared in the webseries. Although covering the same time period as the videos the diary gives an extra insight into Lizzie’s life, including details that weren’t shown in the vlogs… and yes, one of those is the full version of Darcy’s famous letter.

Personally I loved Lizzie’s character in the webseries (portrayed by Ashley Clements) and the same voice really shines through into the book. This coupled with the extra little snippets and closer look at Lizzie’s thoughts made the book a very enjoyable read that fans of the webseries will love.

The Secret Diary Of Lizzie Bennet would be a brilliant last-minute Christmas gift for fans of The Lizzie Bennet Diaires or even perhaps those that adore the original Jane Austen novel. 

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  1. Ahh I'm a Pride and Prejudice obsessive so I definitely need to get my hands on this. I'm not actually a huge fan of diary-format books but I'm intrigued by this AND by the webseries. x


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