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Group Collaboration | Our Favourite Reads Of 2014

Welcome to our final group collaboration of 2014, once again we're each sharing our top 5 reads of the year! Hopefully you'll find some new titles to add to your TBR lists for 2015 but don't forget to leave a comment and let us know which books would make your top 5 for this year!

2014 sophia
2014 anjali
2014 cat
2014 jemma
2014 jennie
2014 erin
2014 ria
2014 alison

Thanks to this month's contributors: Jemma, Anjali, Sophia, Jennie, Cat, Alison, Erin, Ria

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Next month we'll be talking reading goals for 2015. To get involved send an email to

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  1. Will definitely be checking out the books here I'm not familiar with already! <3 xo


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