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Requiem | Lauren Oliver | Reviewed by Anjali

As I was double checking our Review List here on BB to make sure no one had reviewed this before, I saw that Ria had reviewed the two previous books in this series, Delirium, and Pandemonium. I feel like I'm intruding a little bit, but Ria, you can always jump in and tell us what you thought about Requiem, too! You can read Ria's reviews here: Delirium || Pandemonium

Requiem, by Lauren Oliver, is the third and final instalment of the Delirium trilogy. Don't worry, there won't be any spoilers in this review, though if I think something might be potentially spoiler-ish, I will warn you. Requiem follows on from the events in Pandemonium. Lena is still fighting for survival in the Wilds, joining with other groups of rebellious 'Invalids', avoiding Regulators from the cities, and generally trying to keep her feelings for certain boys in check. Along side Raven, Tack, and the other 'invalids', Lena is still searching for freedom, a way to fight back, to take control of their own lives again. Meanwhile, inside the city of Portland, Lena's ex-best friend, Hana, is engaged to be married to the soon-to-be-mayor. While she has been cured of the Deliria, Hana knows that something is not right with her fiancée. She begins to investigate the mysterious disappearance of his previous wife, Cassandra, and what she finds is more horrifying than she could imagine.

The second book in this series, Pandemonium, was written in alternating chapters between 'then' and 'now', though it was all from Lena's perspective. I found this quite jarring at times and a tad annoying to read. Requiem is also told in alternating chapters, however it's done from both Lena's perspective - as she struggles and fights in the Wild - and Hana's perspective - as she prepares for her wedding day inside the city. I really really liked this about Requiem. Throughout the first two stories, one of the main things I was always thinking was 'I want to read more about Hana'. It really nice to be able to hear her voice and to see how her story and Lena's lined up a long side each other.

Erin mentioned in her Good Reads review of this book that the story felt more like a middle book in a series, rather than the last. And I couldn't agree more. I actually found it a little bit hard to get into this book, but I think the chapters on Hana made me keep going. I found it got exciting towards the end, but at the same time it felt like it was all suddenly happening, and things were getting done, and there was progress... and was the end. And the end! Ugh. I won't say much in case I spoil something, but I didn't really like the end much. I was left with way too many questions, and thought it needed at least another chapter.

Having said that, I did like this series, and I really like Oliver's writing style. It's really well done and suits the story and the characters brilliantly. I would like to read the 'point 5' stories from this series too. There's one on Anabell (Delirium 0.5), Hana (Delirium 1.5), Raven (Delirium 2.5), and Alex (Delirium 3.5). If you haven't read this series, but enjoy the dystopian/the-government-is-out-to-get-you type books, give this series a go.

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