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Air Plants: The Curious World Of Tillandsias | Zenaida Sengo | Reviewed by Erin

*Review copy c/o Netgalley

Whilst not my usual type of review book this one caught my eye having recently been expanding my collection of succulents and cacti. Air Plants is all about both caring for and beautifully displaying these amazing plants.

The book starts out with background information on the plants followed by care tips and instructions, then moves onto display and how they can be used in home décor and other projects.

Although all of the care information is very useful to have my favourite part of the book as a crafter just has to be the amazing display ideas including DIY wreaths, gift wrap and even ways to wear air plants as jewellery and hairpieces. There are also unique terrariums upcycled from old laboratory flasks and a simple yet striking display of plants along a staircase amongst others. Some of the display ideas come complete with detailed step-by-step tutorials allowing readers to recreate them at home.

Within the inspirational pages of Air Plants are some amazing ideas paired with beautiful photographs and lots of handy care information – a perfect coffee table book for lovers of these unique plants!

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