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Guest Post | Zombie Fiction

zombie books

My fascination with zombies started when I watched my first zombie movie many, many years ago. I'm a bit sad that I can't remember which movie it was (it might have been Dawn of the Dead) but I remember getting a bit too excited about the concept of a zombie apocalypse. My love for zombie movies naturally also turned into a love for zombie fiction.

Sometimes people look at me funny when I tell them that I read zombie fiction, because people in general seem to think that I'm in it for the blood and gore. Sure, I usually don't mind the blood and gore, but that's not what makes the zombie apocalypse interesting. It's the humans in the stories that makes the whole concept fascinating! I love stories about survival and coping with extreme situations and I think it's pretty fair to call a zombie apocalypse an extreme situation.

It's pretty easy to be a zombie fan these days, because zombies seem to be quite a thing at the moment (thank you The Waking Dead, I love you!). So there's a lot to choose from. So I thought it would be appropriate for me to tell you about my favorites books in the zombie genre!

Rot and Ruin by Jonathan Maberry: When Benny Imura turns 15 he joins his brother in the family business. Benny thinks that the only thing his brother does is to go outside the city's fences to kill zombies. But on Benny's first trip out in the big rot and ruin he learns that the family business is about so much more... I thought that Rot and Ruin had an interesting concept because it tells a story that takes places years after the first zombie outbreak. The main character Benny has pretty much grown up in a world with zombies. The book is fun and fast paced but also touches some important issues about humans and humanity! It's the first book in one of my favorite young adult zombie series (read my full review here).

The Reapers are the Angels by Alden Bell: The Reapers are the Angels is something so unusual as a beautiful zombie story. The novel is actually really beautifully written and is filled with unique and quirky characters. It tells the story about Temple's journey through a zombie infested country, but Temple is just not any fifteen year old girl, she's one of the most interesting and engaging characters I've ever read about. The Reapers are the Angels is one of my favorite books of all time, it's amazing (read my full review here)!

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion: This is the novel made famous by the movie with the same title (that came out last year). The movie is good, but the books is better (as always). I was actually surprised that the movie was a comedy because I didn't get that vibe from the book. Sure, there's many funny parts in the book as well but it has a much more serious undertone. I love this book because I just think it's genius to write a love story between a zombie and human and make it believable (read my full review here).

World War Z by Max Brooks: This is a book for hard core zombie fans. It's written like a non-fiction book with interviews with people that had an active part in the war against zombies. It's a believable and amazingly detailed book. But some parts of the book suffer from too many military terms. But over all it's a really fun and interesting book, a must read for true zombie fans (read my full review here).

Feed by Mira Grant: Feed is the story about two siblings, Georgia and Shaun that are bloggers in a post zombie apocalyptic world. They get the big opportunity to be the official bloggers in one of the presidential candidates campaign and during this process they all learn that humans can be scarier than zombies. This book is so much fun! Zombies, politics, blogging and kick ass characters, what more can you ask for? (Read my full review here).

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