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Group Collaboration | Literary Journeys

Summer-time means holiday and travel time for the majority of us and for July's group post we'll be delving into the world of literary journeys. Our favourite books transport us to different worlds but our bloggers are focusing on the journeys their favourite characters take...
July group post journeys 1 July group post journeys 2 July group post journeys 3

Thanks to this month's contributors - Ria, Anjali, Cat, Erin
*book images via GoodReads
Our next group post delves into a debate, as we get some opinions on Amazon vs Independent bookshops. Do you love the convenience and of buying your books from big corporations like Amazon? Or does your allegiance lie with the guy behind the counter of your favourite Independent bookshop? Drop us an email - - or tweet us @blog_bookshelf for more information and to have your answer included in the post!

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