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Complicit | Stephanie Kuehn | Reviewed by Erin

*Review copy c/o Netgalley, image via Goodreads

Today’s review is going to be a rather short and rather tricky one to write as the less you know about this book before reading it the better!

Complicit is a dark story which centres around Jamie and his complicated relationship with sister Cate. After the tragic loss of their mother, the siblings suffered a tough time which resulted in Cate going away to Juvie. When Cate returns she contacts Jamie, determined it seems to disrupt his now comfortable life without her.

As Jamie suffers amnesia due to his complicated childhood he is a somewhat unreliable narrator and the writing style reflects this as it too can be confusing at times as we piece together the story alongside him. Cate is also an interesting character who brings a completely different dimension to the story.

The book is a fairly quick read at just over 250 pages and will definitely appeal to those who enjoy a mystery. If there’s one thing Complicit does have it’s a powerful ending… My advice? If you’re intrigued by Jamie's story pick up the book, but don’t read the synopsis!


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