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Group Collaboration | Book To Film Adaptations

With Summer now just round the corner our June group post is shining a light on the time we'll all most likely be spending watching those big Summer blockbusters in the cinema! Our theme runs accordingly and we got our bloggers to share which Book to Film Adaptations they're most looking forward to watching in the coming months and beyond! Plus we'll also get their opinions on some of the most recent adaptations that have hit the big screen too...
June Book to Movie Adaptations 1 June Book to Movie Adaptations 2 June Book to Movie Adaptations 3

This month's contributors - Ria, Anjali, Cat, Erin, Lucy

movie frame graphic here
movie posters via IMDB
Paper Towns book cover via GoodReads


Our next group post is all about the journeys from our favourite books. We'll be delving into both fiction and non-fiction to pick out our favourite journeys and travel stories, and we'd love to hear your thoughts! Drop us an email - - or tweet us @blog_bookshelf for more information and to have your answer included in the post!

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  1. paper towns is one of my all time favourite books and i can't wait for it to be made into a movie!! :)
    one girl one book


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