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The Last Song | Nicholas Sparks | Review

Ronnie’s parents divorce, her Dad moves across the country, she haven’t seen him for since and three years later she’s angry, alienated and going off the rails. That is until her Mum decided that she and her little brother are going to stay with him for the summer. It’s time to see if she can reconnect with her Dad and put the past behind her.

Now I think it’s obvious that I’ve become a bit of a Sparks fan and this was the last of his books sat on my ‘to-read’ shelf (for now anyway) and I couldn’t let it sit there any longer. Within the first few pages I realised that this book had the typical Sparks style of writing and as I read further and found it had love and loss, grief, confusion and happiness of which I always find in his novels.

What was different about this book that I really like was that it was a story of growing up, becoming an adult and dealing with the issues life will throw at you. I got to watch (read) how Ronnie’s character developed, grew, changed and adapted as she grew as a person.

Ronnie was not the only character which I enjoyed in the book, I felt that almost every character had something that made me want to read more about them. Although Ronnie’s little brother has to be one of the most entertaining characters he’s so sweet.

I went off and watched the film too and did also enjoy it, it wasn’t quite what I expected especially for some of the casting but I did enjoy the adaptation.

Any Nicholas Sparks fan would love this book, chic-lit readers or anyone who likes a good cry when reading a book.

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