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A Walk In The Woods: Rediscovering America On The Appalachian Trail | Bill Bryson | Review

“I wanted to quit and to do this forever, sleep in a bed and in a tent, see what was over the next hill and never see a hill again. All of this all at once, every moment, on the trail or off.” - Bill Bryson, A Walk in the Woods
I saw A Walk in the Woods when I was looking for a non-fiction book to read during my vacation. After spending a lot of time in big cities (as I’ve done this summer) I always long for the nature. So I kind of thought that I could experience the Appalachian Trail through Bill Bryson (I don’t really have a few months to spend at the moment to experience it myself).

Yeah, I know, this is not supposed to be about why I bought this book. This is supposed to by about what I thought about it, so let's get started...

I’ve always enjoyed spending time in the nature and I’ve always been intrigued by the thought of doing some serious hiking so I thought that A Walk in the Woods would be an interesting insight to hiking. And I have to say that I truly enjoyed this book by Bill Bryson! It was funny, interesting and insightful. Bill Bryson shares his experience of planning and walking the Appalachian trail and he also shares a lot interesting and upsetting information about the wildlife and national parks in the United States. Even if Bryson touches some important and upsetting subjects, this is still mostly an easy and fast read. It’s funny and well-written and it makes me want to go out walk the trail myself. That's kind of weird considering that Bryson doesn’t describe it as the most pleasurable or easy thing to do.

Overall this was a fun and easy read, the perfect book to read during my vacation. But it was not only funny and easy, it was also insightful and I learned a few new things about American wildlife. If you’re interested in nature, wildlife, hiking or just enjoy a good and funny travel book I truly recommend A Walk in the Woods! And I’m definitely going to check out more of Bill Bryson’s books in the future!

So it’s time for me to give A Walk in the Woods some kind of rating. I always find it harder to rate non-fiction book because you naturally don’t feel as strongly for them as you do for really good fiction stories (at least I don't). It’s not because I enjoy fiction more, but it’s because I get more attached to the characters in a fictional story. And to be honest, I don’t have a lot of negative to say about A Walk in the Woods. It was a book that I really liked and enjoyed reading. But I still can’t say that I loved it that much that I’m going to carry it in my heart for the rest of my life and that’s almost needed for me to give a book 5 stars. So yeah, I’m making it easy for myself, I give A Walk in the Woods 4,5/5 stars! It was pretty awesome!

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