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Being A Booktuber | Interview With Marie aka BookswithMarie

Welcome to another installment of 'Being A Booktuber'! After interviewing Heather of Bookables last month, I decided this would be great to introduce as a regular feature here at BB.
Today I'm talking to a lovely Norweigan booktuber named Marie who has a fairly new channel, BookswithMarie - here's what she had to say about being a booktuber...


BB: For those of our readers who aren't subscribed to your YouTube channel could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Marie and I am a 25 years sold. I come from Norway, I love to read and I drink too much coffee;) On my channel, BookswithMarie, you can watch Book hauls, Tags, reviews and other book related videos. I also will be doing a book shelf tour very soon;)

BB: You're quite new to the world of booktube, how did you get started on YouTube and were you nervous to post your first video?

I just started my channel in February. I have another channel on YouTube as well, so I am used to making videos, but it was a bit scary to suddenly talk about books. The thing is that booktubers are really welcoming and nice, so I felt like home from my first video!

BB: What are your favourite kind of book videos to make and to watch?

Book hauls is my guilty pleasure. I can sit for hours and hours and watch book hauls. That is a fun way to discover new books that you never heard of, and to see that there are a lot of crazy book-buyers out there like me. Then I don't feel so bad;)

I also enjoy book reviews. I have not done many of those myself, but I am planning to do a lot of them in the future!

BB: We're always looking for new books to read, could you give us 5 books you recommend everyone should read?

If you were late like I was and have not read Divergent yet, then do it now;) Also if you would like to try out an Norwegian writer then you should read Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder. Then try something from Kate Morton, and if you really would like a page turner then pic up the first book of The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. I love those books! 

BB: Which 2013 releases are you most looking forward to?

There has been so many releases this year already! But these are the ones that I was most exited about when 2013 started: Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare, Scarlet by Marissa Meyer, Prodigy by Marie Lu, The Elite by Kiera Cass, Shades of Earth by Beth Revis, and the last book in the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth.


BB: If you could swap lives for the day with any fictional character who would it be and why?

Actually, I would swap lives with Tris from the book Divergent By Veronica Roth. I just hope that I could choose one of the days at the beginning of the book when she gets to know the faction that she has chosen because I would love to have one wild day like that... And to meet Four, that would really be something;)

BB: Finally, who are your favourite booktubers to watch and book blogs to read?

I love everyone. But I have to say that I like to watch these the most: Katytastic, booksandquills, polandbananasBOOKS, KimberleysBookNook and marlinelina.

You can find Marie's YouTube channel here & Goodreads page here


I'd like to say a huge thank you from all of us here at BB to Marie for taking part in this interview.
If you are a booktuber or book blogger and would like to be featured in a similar post we'd love to hear from you - just email us at for information!

Interview & post by Erin  
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