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Skinny Bitch | Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin | Review

 'And when all feels hopeless, remember that you are in charge of what goes into your body, you don't answer to anyone, and you are allowed to eat anything you want. Often just knowing we can eat whatever we want is enough to keep us from eating whatever we want. We're so rebellious.'
- Rory Freedman, Skinny Bitch.

Skinny Bitch is arguably one of the most well-known 'diet books' to have hit shelves in the past decade or so; famed for being a 'no-nonsense wake up call' for women everywhere, the Skinny Bitch franchise has expanded so much since the initial release in 2005, with titles that now include a cookery book, a guide for new mothers, and a men's book, it's impossible not to be drawn in by the hype that surrounds each of Rory Freedman's releases, and, being on my new-found healthy, clean-eating kick, I decided now would be the perfect time to finally find out what the fuss was all about. 

Skinny Bitch is definitely not what I expected it to be - it's not your stereotypical 'diet book' - there are no real rules, no special techniques or exercise plans, just...well, common sense and some worrying facts about the US food industry (a lot of which applies to the UK market, too)...and essentially, preaches, somewhat, on the behalf of veganism.

Just for the record, I'm a pescetarian (meaning I eat fish and seafood, but no meat), and try to eat clean at least 80% of the time (meaning no processed or fast food), so, in hindsight, I'm not 100% sure if I'm the real 'target market' or not, as its primary focus is cutting meat out of your diet, but I still found it to be an interesting read, regardless. 

Honestly, I think Skinny Bitch is going to be one of those books you'll either love or hate - if you have an open mind about changing your eating habits, or want to know more about the food industry generally, it's seriously worth giving it a read. If, however, you don't like being made to feel you're being told what's 'right' and 'wrong' when it comes to your diet, this might be one to skip. 3/5 stars

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