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Dear John | Nicholas Sparks | Review

Let me start of by saying I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this book (and might I add the film). I also broke one of my many rules and watched the film before I read the book (because I failed to realise it was a book until after I’d seen the film). Not that you really needed to know any of that, now let’s go right back to the start and maybe I can explain my thoughts on this book a little more clearly.

Dear John, by Nicholas Sparks, introduces us to the main character John who has gone into the Army after dropping out of school and having a distinctive distant relationship with his Father. Whilst he is on leave for a couple of weeks, he inevitably meets Savannah who he falls hopelessly in love with (Yes this book is of course a love story). The novel tells of the trials and tribulations of their relationship, coping with months apart whilst John returns to the Army with the effects of 9/11 playing a huge role in the strength of their bond.

Although this couple are the focus point of this story, it is John’s relationship with his father which I found most intriguing. A coin collector and single Father, who shows signs of autism, John’s Dad proves to be an interesting character which I wish was focused more upon in the story.

I do absolutely adore this couple, both the characters separately and together are likable and appealing through their relationship which struggles through many twists and turns. Although I did mention this was a love story, it is not your typical love story, forget your fairy tales with happy endings which leaves your heart warm. The ending of this story was somewhat depressing, frustrating yet believable. It may not be the ending your heart craves but it certainly shows a more realistic side to love, war and life.

That being said, my rating somewhat reflects on this ending, I could not give Dear John 5/5 stars because it did leave me feeling frustrated and depressed. Now let’s be honest I read book partly to escape into another world, and no matter how realistic this book was, I’d of loved a happy ending!
4/5 stars

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  1. i agree. i dont really love this book although i like it so much.
    i mean it doesnt give a happy ending.... i think at the end savannah is with john right? in film it just showed the last part where she parked her bike in front of the cafe to meet john. i assume they went back together? after all that john has been thru i think john deserves someone better. not that savannah isnt gud enough. she shud have wait for john.. mmmmm

  2. Ooo I haven't read this book! I know what you mean - I always try to read the book before the film! May have this book a go :) I love these book reviews - I am a massive book worm :) x


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