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Boys Don't Cry | Malorie Blackman | Review

Boys Don't Cry

Results day. The day where you find out your future. And for Dante, the postman can't come quick enough. But when there's a knock at the door, it isn't the postman. He finds his ex-girlfriend Mel standing with a pram instead. She comes in to tell him that he is the father to the baby girl in the pram. As Dante is taking the time to process all of this new information, Mel says she has to nip out to get a few things before going to move up with some relatives. This leaves Dante looking after, what was a few minutes ago, just a random baby.

Then Mel rings Dante saying that she can't take this anymore and that it would be better if Dante would look after their child. As the call suddenly ends, Dante calls her back, trying to find some way to make her reconsider. But soon it seems impossible to even get through to Mel. As the hours pass and sure enough Mel doesn't return, things dawn very quickly to Dante that his future no longer involves university and amazing promises for the future.

Boys Don't Cry is an amazing read. I was inspired to read this because I'm a very big fan of Malorie Blackman's older books, including the amazing Noughts and Crosses series. Malorie Blackman has shown in the past how good she is at talking from a man's point of view and it's the same with this book, as she shows how difficult it can be for single fathers to bring up a baby. Most of the characters that are in this book are also male so it's interesting to see how they react to a baby and how awkward they sometimes look when it comes to dealing with them when they cry or when they need their nappys changed.

Boys Don't Cry is a really really good story and I can't give too much away because there are a few spoilers but rest assured it is a great book. I'm going to give it a four star rating because it is a great book but from reading previous books from the same author, it just wasn't as good. That's just my opinion. If you have read any of Malorie Blackman's books, I would really encourage you to read this. Or if you really like the Young Adult genre and want to try something new, then this is a great book for that .

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  1. this sounds like such a great read, going to add it to my list.x

  2. Loved Malorie Blackman's style of writing yeaaarrs ago but havent read a book of hers since. Love the review here, its now on my wishlist :) x


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