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Unsaid Things: Our Story | McFLY | Review

Unsaid Things spine

Hi everyone and welcome to my review of Unsaid Things: Our Story, the autobiography for the pop-rock band McFLY. As veteran McFLY fan - coming up to 8-ish years now lol - I will attempt to be as unbiased as possible!

Unsaid Things is the self penned story of 'pop-rock' band McFLY. It regales the story from start to present day, and when I say start I mean the very start. The book begins with the boy's childhoods where you discover just how different each of their personal backgrounds were. There's Tom Fletcher, the ambitious theatre trained front-man, Danny Jones, the rough and tumble northerner, public school boy drummer Harry Judd and baby of the band-turned man of the house Dougie Poynter.

Their musical journey starts with founder Tom and his journey growing up through his failed audition for Busted, learning to song write with James Bourne and meeting the other band members. First Danny, who met Tom by chance at an audition for a boyband before becoming close friends and song-writing partners. Then finding Harry and Dougie through an extensive, and hilarious, audition process.

Once formed the book follows their life from '5 colours...' all the way up to the present day and their current exploits. It includes snippets of their early teenage 'naughty-ness' in the London band house; travels abroad from the USA to Australia; personal relationships with family and loves and, arguably the most interesting part, the music making, all of which is written from the boys' point of view.
For fans some stories will be familiar and some rumours are finally cleared up (including the infamous Lindsay Lohan/Harry saga), but it's the chapters circling the band's early family life, darkest times, coping with fame and ongoing struggles that are the stand-outs.

Ultimately the story is uplifting with a positive spin on everything that's happened to them as a band and individually.

Unsaid Things coverUnsaid Things back

So my verdict?

As a fan this book was wonderful, it was hilarious and in keeping with the spirit of the band themselves. But it was also heartbreaking - I'll admit shedding a tear during Dougie's chapter. For non-fans it may be a bit harder read. The constant changing of voices and stories may become confusing for those not used to the boys usual banter, but for veteran 'Galaxy Defenders' such as myself their voices ring out loud from the pages. One thing to definitely take away from the book is to approach with an open mind. You may think you know this band, but you'll certainly be proved wrong. 

Reading Soundtrack:

Unsaid Things: McFLY; Year 3000: Busted; The Power Of Love: Huey Lewis; She Loves You: The Beatles; Glory Days: Bruce Springsteen; Baba O'Reily: The Who; Always: Blink-182; Don't Stop Me Now: Queen; Love Is Easy: McFLY

For lovers of

McFLY, of course, and those who aren't fans too ;)

This post was written by regular reviewer Ria, get to know her here.
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  1. So good to FINALLY find another McFly fan & Galaxy Defender blogger!!

    I still haven't had chance to read this, how rubbish am I? Even my boyfriend read it before me! But I'm so prepared for heartbreak. xx

  2. Nice blog!!:) i'm following you, visit my blog if you want .)

  3. I got this book for Christmas and it made me fall in love with them even more! <3

  4. i've been wanting to pick this up for a while but couldn't tell if it was going to be a proper bio. gonna pick it up soon.x


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