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The Vampire Chronicles | Anne Rice | Review


The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice hands down have to be my favorite 'traditional vampire books' apart from Dracula. They are absolutely amazing. I know they span more than three books (about 7 in total) but these three are the main babies. I've read these more times than I can probably count, their just so good!

First of all, Interview with a Vampire meets our three main characters, Louis, Lestat and Claudia. We get told the story our these 3 vampric souls from the words of Louis spoken to a reporter in a bid to write down his life story. Within this book we get introduced to some old souls of Armand and tales of the old within the Theater of Vampires. This first book is what sucked me in, the description, the life and the time period amazed me. I love anything old and this was set in around the 18th century and it drew me in.

Second, the Vampire Lestat we meet even older beings with Marius and and Gabrielle. Here we get the full and tragic story of Lestat which is a very different tale to the one told to us by Louis. Very different indeed, here we go back even further in time to the 16th century and then even further to the old legends of Marius and his becoming. At first I rather disliked this book, I just found it annoying and whiny and a little boring but the more I read the more it grew on me!

Lastly, Queen of the Dammed. Now this one, it always takes me a while to read. I just seem to struggle through it, I adore the story and the characters. I rather dislike Lestat and prefer everyone else so much more. It did contribute to the story with the real Queen of the Dammed but I just felt like it slightly bored me and it just took a little time to get going I guess. However I would consider this book the end to these books, I feel with this book they are over. I feel as if the other books just slightly ruin what has been built up and created by the earlier ones.

These books are filled with wonderful vampires who are old and traditional and just so full of love. They are by far my favorite. If you haven't read them yet and you like vampires, I urge you to read them! 

This review was written by regular reviewer Elle, learn more about her here.
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  1. Love Anne Rice - have read all the Vampire Chronicles and agree with everything you've said!!


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