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One Hundred Names | Cecelia Ahern | Review

It is no secret that I am a huge Cecelia Ahern fan, I have read and loved every book, so as you can imagine as soon as I heard there was a new release on its way I was already anticipating spending hours at a time reading it.  I did exactly that, no washing, hovering or work could be done… I was hooked.

One Hundred Names takes a main character who seems to have lost her way (as with many of Aherns books) and follows the journey of her taking control and getting her life back on track.  The main character is realistic and likable even when making mistakes! There are many more minor characters in this book (as the title suggests), which did cause me to find it a little different to keep up and remember who was who. I image if you were reading this book in shorter chunks it would be even more difficult to keep track.

What I was really looking for from One Hundred Names was Ahern’s usual magic which takes over all of her books as she transports you into the world that she has created – this book did not fail to deliver. I cannot detail the magic without spoiling the storyline however I will say it’s there as it is with all her other books – just in a slightly different way this time, not quite so literal (there are no magic books or invisible friends).

I really enjoyed this book and although it fits the chic lit category it is less romance or hearts and more real life with struggles and successes (with a hint of romance on the side). I would recommend this book to any Ahern fans, chic lit fans or anyone who really enjoys going delving into a characters life when they read a book. 5/5 stars

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  1. This book just looks so gorgeous, sounds wonderful too, I may have to add it on to my 'to read' list! :) x

    1. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did :)

  2. it look gorgeous. but im afraid to start it as u mentioned there "I image if you were reading this book in shorter chunks it would be even more difficult to keep track. "

    looks like i need to mark a free day in my calendar so that I can get hook. :)

    1. Yes indeed, or make sure to try and read every day so when you go back to it you still remember all that has happened so far! :)


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