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Features | 5 Popular Authors To Read For Our December Book Club

In case you missed our previous post, our final book club prompt for 2020 is to read a book by an author whose work you've never read before. We recently shared the two Young Adult titles Anjali and Erin have chosen to read, but if you're still stuck for ideas today's post is for you!

Below you'll find a short list of five authors whose work comes recommended by Team BB. We've selected a few names who have written multiple books we've enjoyed and listed our top picks, but we feel like you could pick up any title by one of these authors and it's sure to be a great read. Of course these are just a few suggestions and we couldn't include every amazing author we would recommend so if you've already read works by all five of the authors listed, why not visit the BB archives for more inspiration?


1. Juno Dawson 

First up we have Juno Dawson, author of a whole range of amazing YA novels, as well as non-fiction titles on topics such as sexuality, gender and mental health. Juno has been a firm Team BB favourite since the early days of our blog but if you haven't yet read her work now is the time!

Our top pick: Meat Market (2019)

2. Elizabeth Acevedo

Elizabeth Acevedo's latest release the amazing Clap When You Land was a huge success this year, winning the author a whole host more fans as well as a Gooreads Choice Award! Acevedo has a performing arts and slam poetry background which shines through in the lyrical way her novels are written.

Our top pick: With The Fire On High (2019)

3. Morgan Matson

Another YA author we love is Morgan Matson, whose contemporary tales feature everything from road trips to big family weddings, scavenger hunts and of course romance along the way. Whilst many of her books would be considered perfect for summer, we still think she would be a great choice for our December book club.

Our top pick: Since You've Been Gone (2014)

4. Taylor Jenkins Reid 

We couldn't write this roundup without including Taylor Jenkins Reid, another author whose work several members of Team BB have read and loved in recent years. Jenkins Reid has a way of making her characters and stories feel so realistic she might even have you taking to Google to find out more about Daisy Jones or Evelyn Hugo!

Our top pick: The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo (2017)


5. Neal Shusterman

With so many books to his name we're sure that you will have heard of Neal Shusterman's work before but if you've managed not to pick up a copy of Unwind, Scythe or Challenger Deep yet why not make time this month? We love how Shusterman always finds unique ways to discuss some really interesting topics through his popular YA titles.

Our top pick: Scythe (2016)

Whether you choose one of the authors listed above or not, if you join in with this month's book club prompt don't forget to share your photos and/or mini book reviews with us over on Instagram using #bloggersbookshelf

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