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Features | Debuts I Loved in 2019

There's nothing better than finding a new author you love but with my towering TBR I'm more often than not choosing my current read from the backlist, so it's rare that I get around to reading an author's debut novel in the year that it's actually released. To be honest, it's rare that I get around to reading my favourite authors' fifth or sixth novel in the year that it's released. But last year I did actually manage to read a few novels by brand new authors when they actually came out, so here are my top five debut novels of last year that you should read immediately if you haven't already.

No Big Deal by Bethany Rutter

I reviewed No Big Deal for Blogger's Bookshelf when I read it last year but let me use this opportunity to remind you just how much I enjoyed it. No Big Deal is a fun novel full of heart, with a fat girl at the centre of the story who knows she doesn't need to change in order to be happy. A UKYA classic in the making but with a message even us adults need to hear once in awhile too.

Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

Okay, chances are you've either already read Red, White & Royal Blue or you're completely sick of everyone talking about it. I was starting to sway into the latter camp when I finally picked it up last year but immediately realised that McQuiston's enemy-to-lovers romcom about the son of the President of the United States and an English prince falling in love is absolutely worth the hype.

A Gift in December by Jenny Gladwell

A Gift in December is the story of a heartbroken investigative journalist whose editor sends her to find a story in the presumably tame annual presenting of a Christmas tree from Norway to the UK, and find a story she does, just not the one anyone was expecting. This is the perfect festive read, full of mystery, romance, and lots of Christmas cheer, but certainly good enough to be read all year round.

The Furies by Katie Lowe

Another one I reviewed last year, The Furies is a dark, witchy tale that I'm still thinking about all these months later. When Violet starts at a new school, desperate to leave her tragic past behind, she joins a secret society designed to encourage girls in academic pursuits, but the girls themselves have other ides, and it isn't long before Violet's desire to fit in takes her down a terrifying path.

Enchantée by Gita Trelease

And finally, the very first book I read and reviewed last year, that I then spent pretty much the entire of 2019 wanting to re-read. Enchantée is the story of a girl who wants only to use her magic to make some money to support her sister, but who ends up instead caught up in the intrigue of the palace of Versailles, the life of a young man with a hot air balloon, and the French revolution.

I highly recommend all of these books and I'll be keeping my eyes out for the future novels of each and every one of these authors!

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