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Sadie | Courtney Summers | Review

sadie courtney summers book review blogger's bookshelf

When popular radio personality West McCray receives a desperate phone call from a stranger imploring him to find nineteen-year-old runaway Sadie Hunter, he's not convinced there's a story there; girls go missing all the time. But as soon as West's boss discovers Sadie fled home after the brutal murder of her little sister Mattie, he sees the makings of something big and orders West to the small town of Cold Creek, Colorado, to uncover what happened.

Set in the small town of Cold Creek Colorado, this YA mystery title tells the story of missing girl Sadie Hunter and her younger sister Mattie who was brutally murdered. Having been informed of the situation by a local resident, radio personality West McCray launches a True Crime podcast titled The Girls, investigating Sadie's whereabouts and piecing together clues about Mattie's death along the way.

Throughout the book the chapters alternate between transcripts of McCray's investigative podcast episodes and Sadie's journey to find and exact revenge on the man responsible for her little sister's death. The book also explores the complicated relationships between Sadie, Mattie, their mother Claire who has battled with addiction and surrogate grandmother May Beth, the woman who brought the girls' story to McCray's attention.

Personally, I'm a huge fan of podcasts and have been fascinated by the stories told through popular True Crime series such as Serial, Dirty John and Criminal, so the inclusion of the podcast format was a big draw for me. In the beginning, I found I was enjoying the podcast sections much more than those following Sadie, but I quickly grew to become more and more invested in her chapters as the story unfolded. The book tackles some very serious issues and is a heavy read, but this only highlights just how important it is that stories like Sadie's are told.

Sadie is a haunting and heartbreaking book that has received a huge amount of praise from the bookish community, with positive reviews across blogs, YouTube channels and other social media platforms. Whilst due to the nature of the topics covered in the book it is a tough read, it is also certainly one that's worth the hype.

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