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I Go Quiet | David Ouimet | Review

How do you find your voice, when no one seems to be listening? A young girl struggles to make herself heard, believing she is too insignificant and misunderstood to communicate with the people in her life. 

Anxious about how she thinks she should look and speak, the girl stays silent, turning to books to transport her to a place where she is connected to the world, and where her words hold power. As she soon discovers, her imagination is not far from reality, and the girl realizes that when she is ready to be heard, her voice will ring loud and true.

With the ongoing closure of libraries here in New Zealand due to COVID-19, I've been making use of OverDrive and Libby (great apps that are connected to your library and makes accessible eBooks and audiobooks). I was having a browse for some graphic novels (something I prefer to read on Kindle/tablet over novels), and I stumbled across this one. I was drawn in by the cover, even though, as Sophie pointed out when I showed her, it's "a bit creepy".

I Go Quiet is a short but poignant graphic novel about an introverted girl who finds her place in the world in stories rather than in the physical world around her. Each page has stunning images of the girl wandering through life, keeping quiet, then walking through her imagination into new places.

This book came out in March 2020, so it's very new to the book world. If you manage to find it online or at your local bookstore or library, pick it up and have a read!

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