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Features | More Holiday Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

It's that time of year again! Time to find presents for all those people in your life who you love dearly, but who, let's face it, are a little bit of a pain to buy for. Well, I'm here to help! At least, if they're book people, I'm here to help. I'm afraid I'm not much good for non-book people. I don't get those people...

Around this time last year, I recommended some books that would make nice gifts, but this year I'm sticking mostly to book-related items instead because I know the pain of trying to find a present for a bookish friend when you have absolutely no idea what books they already own! Now, let's get on with it!

Literary Listography (£12.99 from Book Depository) | Personal Library Kit (£10.99 from Book Depository)

For your very organised book loving friends there is Literary Listography: a journal full of prompts for lists from 'books that made me cry' to 'fictional crimes I've witnessed'. Or, for the friend who is always lending out their books, a Personal Library Kit complete with checkout cards and a stamp to let everyone know when their book is due for return.

Readers Gonna Read Enamel Pin (£7.50 from Literary Emporium)

If you want something a little cuter, this Readers Gonna Read Enamel Pin, with its adorable starry design, is pretty out of this world.

Fantasy Mini Magnetic Bookmarks (£6.07 from Craftedvan on Etsy) | William Shakespeare Magnetic Bookmark (£3.95 from Craftedvan on Etsy)

For a reader, you can never go wrong with a bookmark! These magnetic bookmarks from Craftedvan are super adorable, especially this Fantasy Mini Bookmarks set. Or try a cartoon version of William Shakespeare himself if you know a particular fan of the bard.

Lady Macbeth's Guest Soap (£3.50 from The Literary Gift Company)

Speaking of the bard, nothing says clean like Lady Macbeth's Guest Soap. This one in particular would be perfect for any English Literature students/graduates you know. It's exactly our kind of humour. Trust me.

Bookstore Soy Candle ($18 from Frostbeard Studio) Christmas at the Burrow Soy Candle ($18 from Frostbeard Studio)

If you know anything about bookstagram, you'll know book lovers love candles. I guess it's something to do with being cosy? Anyway, who wouldn't want their room to smell like a Bookstore? Or, for that matter, like Christmas at the Burrow?

Paperback Cologne (£15 from The Library of Fragrance)

And if you just don't think making their room smell like a bookstore will be enough, why not buy something that will enable your friend to take that paperback smell with them wherever they go? The Library of Scent's Paperback Cologne is the perfect scent for that library lurker who loves the smell of old books.

Lannister Charm Bracelet (£1.59 from Sonicincendio on Etsy) | Katniss Everdeen Charm Bracelet (£1.59 from Sonicincendio on Etsy)

If your budget is a little smaller or your looking for some cute stocking fillers, Sonicincendio on Etsy sells a lot of very cute handmade friendship bracelets for just £1.95 each from fandoms such as Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games, and The Mortal Instruments, among many many more.

For the refined, adult book lover, how about Tequila Mockingbird? A book full of recipes for literary inspired cocktails with the most amazingly puntastic names. The Last of the Mojitos? Yes, please.

The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes Mug (£8.99 from Penguin Shop) | Pride and Prejudice Tote Bag (£12.95 from Penguin Shop)

And last but by no means least, the classic Penguin Classics mug or tote bag. Penguin have a wide selection of both items with many of their most popular classic titles. Find your friend's favourite classic book in either item and you can't go wrong.

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