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Features | Revisiting My 2016 Reading Goals

Back in January I shared a post all titled 'My 2016 Reading Goals', which included four small challenges I aimed to accomplish over the year. With only a few days left in the year it's time to take a look back at these additional goals and see how I did...

#1 Re-Read More!
Looking back over all of the titles I've read this year I didn't do so well with this particular challenge. Although I kicked off the year with three re-reads, I haven't found the time for anymore since then so perhaps this will be a goal to revisit for 2017.

#2 Take Part In A Set Challenge... 
For my 'set challenge' challenge I chose the Popsugar 2016 Reading Challenge which included 40 mini goals such as 'a book you can finish in a day' and 'a book based on a fairytale'. As I expected I didn't manage to cross off every goal, however my final total was 19 which I'm fairly pleased with.

#3 & A Readathon! 
This is one goal I can definitely cross off the list! Back at the end of February I joined in with the #5books7days readathon and whilst I didn't quite manage to complete five reads I achieved my goal of joining in with a readathon and would definitely do this again in future.

#4 Make Time For Non-Fiction
My final goal for the year was to include more non-fiction titles and I even chose five of them for my BB challenge. Unfortunately whilst I didn't read all five specifically chosen titles, around twenty percent of the fifty-ish books I read in full over the year were non-fiction, and as always I added a bunch more recipe and DIY books to my collection.

Did you manage to complete all of your 2016 reading goals?

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