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Unnatural Creatures | Neil Gaiman | Review

*Image courtesy of Ann Arbor District Library


This book is a collection of short stories, new and old, written by authors from as far back as the late 1800’s to as recent as 2011. All the stories, chosen by Gaiman, are about supernatural creatures. Some of these creatures are as normal as bees and wasps that can write and create detailed maps, others are as obscure as a meat-eating plant that looks like an ink blot.


At 465 pages, Unnatural Creatures is not as easy a read as a collection of short stories usually is for me. I’ll admit, some of the short stories felt a bit longer than I would have liked. That being said, however, I had a wonderful time reading this. The diversity of the authors made sure that the entire book was never boring and that there was something for everyone. I’ve even written down several of the authors to read more of.

With one or two exceptions, the stories in Unnatural Creatures make for a good read for anyone with a short attention span and, considering the reading slump I was in, this was very helpful to me. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is in the midst of a slump or is trying to find something new. You can always trust Gaiman’s judgement when it comes to selecting good stories.

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