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Bookish Links #5

Welcome to another Bookish Links, where we bring you some of our favourite content from all over the web!

1/ Putting Faces To Names? - first up is Cait's interesting piece on how she doesn't picture faces for the characters when reading a book. Do you picture characters based solely on the author's description, or perhaps you always see them as famous faces or people you've met? - let us know in the comments!

2/ Thoughts On Half-Star Ratings - where do you stand on half-star ratings? The star rating system is probably the most popular in the book blogging community but what if you don't want to use half-stars? Stormy's post explores how to decide whether you want to round your rating up or down.

3/ A Must-Read For Bloggers! - Carly shared a great post titled 'Bloggers Aren't Billboards' which discusses the PR side of book blogging. Have you had any similar experiences working with publishers? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

4/ Why Goodreads Is Awesome! - BB's very own blogger Anjali posted this great list on why everyone should be using Goodreads. If like us you're already a member don't forget to leave us your profile links in the comments and join our BB group!

5/ What To Do With Your Completed Colouring Book Pages! - after we recently shared a roundup of some of the best colouring books for adults we stumbled across this awesome article from the team over at Omiyage Blogs, who showcased some fab ideas for upcycling your completed pages - our favourite is the garland!

6/ Tips For Debut Authors - if you are a debut author with questions about querying then this is definitely the post for you! Find out more about literary agent Carly's top tips over on her blog.

7/ Books & Biscuits - this month we're finishing the roundup on a fun note with these adorable biscuit versions of book covers, featuring the shortlist for the Bailey's Women's Prize for Fiction! (thanks to Michelle for pointing this one out to us!)

Don't forget to leave us links to any bookish articles you've written or enjoyed reading recently! 

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