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Paper Jewelry: 55 Projects For Reusing Paper | Barbara Baumann | Review

*Review copy c/o Netgalley, image via goodreads
paper jewelery barbara baumann
Today’s review is all about a jewellery craft book with a twist; all of the designs found within it’s pages are made from paper! Paper Jewelry, subtitled 55 Projects For Reusing Paper, is designed to inspire readers to upcycle and repurpose all sorts of papers into one-of-a-kind statement jewellery pieces.

The types of paper used in the book range from typical everyday basics including maps, newspapers and napkins, to more unusual materials such as cigarette filters and literary booklets.

One project that stood out to me was the ‘Literary Pearls’, a necklace made from rolled book pages used to create striking beads. I also really liked the simple ‘Shopping Bag Bracelet’ which showcased a more subtle way to wear paper, made from the string handles of a carrier bag and an ornate bead fastener. Baumann also even shares a tutorial for mini books which can be turned into earrings or necklace pendants (as pictured on the book's cover).

In addition to the tutorials the book also covers some general jewellery making tips, applicable to other projects, not just paper ones. A basic guide to necklace lengths, volumes and styles is included, alongside the lowdown on various tools and materials as well as advice on choosing colour combinations.

Another interesting idea from the author is the suggestion to keep a ‘paper diary’, collecting pieces of every type of paper you may encounter over a few weeks. Baumann suggests this mini project will give you a feeling for the various types of paper and help to explore the different ways to use them to create new things.

At a time when upcycling has become very popular it’s great to see a craft book which encourages readers to think outside the box when it comes to combining the idea of reusing items with the craft of jewellery making. Whilst some of the projects may be a little impractical for everyday wear, they do look like they would be a lot of fun to make and there’s always the opportunity to expand on the tutorials shared to create your own unique pieces.

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