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Guest Post | Top 5 Books On My 'To Re-Read' List!

re-read books

Within the book blogging world it's easy to get caught up in new releases, what's popular right now and out ever-growing TBR lists. So, today I thought I would take a step back from my (somewhat ridiculously tall) review books pile and instead talk about titles that I would love to re-read! Ignoring the contents of my Kindle I took to my bookshelf and selected the titles that I'd love to revisit. In no particular order here's the five that made the cut...

1. Ready Player One, Ernest Cline (2011)

First read: in late 2012 as part of my first year joining in with the Goodreads challenge. I also reviewed it for BB last year!

Why re-read? This book is listed as my favourite on our 'Meet The Team' page here at BB and for good reason as I just loved reading it! I originally borrowed it from the library but last year added a copy to my collection with the intention of reading it again soon which I'm hoping to do this year. Fingers crossed I still love reading it just as much second time around!

2. Fight Club, Chuck Palaniuk (1996)

First read: in 2007 during lunchbreaks at college (this makes me feel old...)

Why re-read? I read this one before my book blogging days and although I briefly picked it up again for a Uni project (where I compared a scene from the film to the original script and chapter of the book it was adapted from) I'd like to go back and re-read the whole book again properly. I'm a fan of the film and tend to re-watch that once every few years and it's been about four since I dug out the DVD so it would be nice to revisit both at a similar time.

3. If You Find Me, Emily Murdoch (2013)

First read: in 2013 as an eARC which I reviewed for BB! 
Why re-read? A physical copy of the book (which was firmly on my 'to-buy' list) was kindly given to me as a birthday present earlier this year, by friends who had no idea I'd already read it! This paperback edition has an additional epilogue I didn't get to read first time round so I'm particularly looking forward to that when I finally get to a re-read the book. I'm actually quite proud of myself for not having taken a sneaky peek at the epilogue already!

4. Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas, Hunter S. Thompson (1971)

First read: in 2008 after first watching the film a year or two earlier

Why re-read? Just like Fight Club I read this one before I got back into reading regularly and therefore pre-book blogging. I carried this around with me for a while, enjoying reading again but after finishing it I promptly returned to buying non-fiction titles (mainly about film/crafts). Again, I'm interested to revisit it having read so many novels over the last few years to see if I'd still enjoy it now.

5. The Stepford Wives, Ira Levin (1972)

First read: in 2009 for a Uni project about utopia/dystopia

Why re-read? If I'm being honest I feel like I only really got the opportunity to skim read this one for the Uni project, however I remember finding it interesting which is why I recently picked up a copy for my collection. It's only a very short book so shouldn't take too long to re-read either!

Which 5 books would make your 'to re-read' list?

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