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Warm Bodies | Isaac Marion | Review

“It does make me sad that we've forgotten our names. Out of everything, this seems to me the most tragic. I miss my own and I mourn for everyone else's, because I'd like to love them, but I don't know who they are.” - Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies.

Yes, here I am again with yet another review of a zombie novel. But I'm not going to start this review with a declaration of love to every zombie story on earth, because you can read that declaration here. Instead I'm going to start this review with saying; This is such a different zombie novel! This is a novel narrated by a zombie! Yes, that's right. This is a story about a thinking zombie.

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion is narrated by "R" a zombie who has forgotten his name, but he think it started with an R. R lives in an airport and his days consists of mindless walking, simple conversations with his zombie friend "M" and the occasional hunting trip to town. But on one of these hunting trips everything changes. R brings a girl called Julie home. Alive. This is were the story about R and Julie starts. A weird yet beautiful love story, a story about how two people can change everything.

Warm Bodies was a really different read. First I couldn't decided if I thought it was brilliant or just plain weird and disturbing. Because to be honest, a zombie love story sounds pretty strange. But it ended up being such a heartwarming, funny and different story! And I have to say I loved how Isaac Marion portrayed R. He really succeeded with the difficult task to create a character who's mindless but still pretty brilliant. Isaac Marion also uses a whole lot of humor throughout this book and that's probably what makes this story work. Without it the book would end up being as disturbing as it first sounds. But this is not only a funny story. It's also a beautiful and though-worthy novel about what's really important in life.

As a zombie fan I was delighted to read a book that was so different from everything else in this genre! It felt like a really refreshing read! I laughed, I smiled and I might have cried a bit (don't tell anyone though) and that's the best review a book can ever get! The crazy idea to write a zombie love story didn't end up being as crazy as it sounded. It ended up being a pretty brilliant idea. Therefore I give this book 5/5 stars and I highly recommend it to everyone (not only zombie fans)!

And by the way, Warm Bodies is coming out as a movie this year (Yes, I'm pretty excited about it), check out the trailer here!

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  1. This sounds so interesting! I'm going to go and watch the trailer! :) xx

  2. I just finished this book recently but I didn't enjoy it! The film trailer does look good though :) x

    1. Wow! It's probably the first time we don't agree about a book, but that's the great thing about books! How the experience of reading a book can be so different for different people :)

  3. I watched the trailer a while ago and was thrilled to hear it's a book too! Definitely on my 'to read' list for this year xoxo

    1. I'd been thinking about reading the book for a while but it was the trailer that convinced me! I'm really excited about the movie :)


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