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Book Club | June 2020 - Written By An Author With The Same Initials As You

For our 2020 BB Book Club we've put together another printable list of twelve different prompts, one for each month of the year. Just as we did in 2019, on the 1st day of each month we'll be introducing you to the month's prompt and the books team members each plan to read, along with some other suggested reads we think you'll love. Of course, these are just ideas so please feel free to interpret the prompts however you wish!

We're also inviting you to share photos and mini reviews of your book club picks on social media using #bloggersbookshelf or tag @bloggersbookshelf on Instagram.

Our prompt for June is...  

Written By An Author With The Same Initials As You

What we'll be reading...

Erin's pick: The Other Alcott by Elise Hooper

"I honestly really struggled with what to read for this month's theme... even though I chose which of the prompt suggestions we would be using for the book club this year! I had a few ideas in mind but most of them were darker reads which I wasn't feeling like reading right now, so when I stumbled across The Other Alcott I decided to go with it. I'd never heard of the book before but the synopsis says that it tells the story of May Alcott, Little Women author Louisa May Alcott's younger sister, and the inspiration behind the character of Amy March."

Anjali's Pick: These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman 

"It was so difficult finding an author with my initials, but Amie Kaufman is well known in the YA science fiction world, so I thought this was the ideal time to pick up one of her books. I have These Broken Stars on my shelf, and I haven't read it yet. Now's the time! Kaufman tends to write books with other people, and this one is no exception. These Broken Stars is co-written by Megan Spooner, and is a Young Adult, science fiction romance, set in space. I'll let you know how it goes!"

Use the hashtag #bloggersbookshelf or tag @bloggersbookshelf on Instagram to share your photos and mini reviews with us throughout the month!


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