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A Dream of Italy | Nicky Pellegrino | Review

Nicky is one of my favourite authors, and a bonus is she's from New Zealand! While I haven't read every book of hers yet, I'll always pick up one if I see it in a second-hand store or I get a chance at a review copy.

If you love romance, Italy, and a whole lot of food I totally recommend any Nicky Pellegrino book but this one was the second best I've read so far!

For sale: historic building in the picturesque town of Montenello, southern Italy. Asking price: 1 Euro

Cloudless skies, sun-soaked countryside, delicious food... In the drowsy heat of an Italian summer, four strangers arrive in a beautiful town nestled in the mountains of Basilicata, dreaming of a new adventure. An innovative scheme by the town's Mayor has given them the chance to buy a crumbling historic building for a single Euro - on the condition that they renovate their home within three years, and help to bring new life to the close-knit local community.

Elise is desperate to get on the property ladder. Edward wants to escape a life he feels suffocated by. Mimi is determined to start afresh after her divorce. And there's one new arrival whose true motives are yet to be revealed...

It's really hard to go wrong with a Nicky Pellegrino book I find. You're not expecting a super intense thriller or super thought out plot, you're expecting food, wine, and probably romance - and this does not disappoint. The idea of buying a property for a euro really had me intrigued, boy do I wish I could buy a house for euro, even one that needed doing up as much as these.

Doing up derelict houses you do assume things will go wrong but these characters they do not quit. You fall in love with all of them and just want to scoop them up and wish all their problems away, which usually happens in the next chapter or two because everyone gets happy endings in her books. It sounds like a spoiler but really if you've ever read any of Nicky's books you'll know they're always happy endings, no matter how bad it gets in the middle everyone is laughing and smiling at the end usually eating a whole lot of Italian food!

Full of the usual romance, excellent food descriptions and cute Italian scenes that make you want to book a holiday and eat everything so what more can I say? If you have the urge to spend your savings on a spontaneous trip to Italy and eat all the Italian food read this instead!

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