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Girl, Wash Your Face | Rachel Hollis | Review

Girl, Wash Your Face | Rachel Hollis | Review

I don't tend to read non-fiction books. 

Like at all. It's not that they don't interest me, or that I don't think they're worth the time; it's mostly due to the fact that I love fiction too much, and why would I spend my hours reading non-fiction when I could be reading about dragons? It's that kind of feeling.

But when I picked up Girl, Wash Your Face and flipped to the front page to check it out, I started reading and couldn't really stop. I had ordered it from the Book Depository for our April book club theme (a non-fiction title) but I semi forgot that I had done that so when it arrived and I opened the cover, I just kept reading. Which means when April rolled around I didn't have a book ready to go for the theme. Oops.

In Girl, Wash Your Face, Rachel Hollis (founder of The Chic Site, and author of The Girls series) goes through a bunch of lies that she used to believe, the stories behind them, and how she overcame and worked through them. While I haven't, like I said, read many non-fiction books at all (I could probably count them on my fingers ... on one hand), I know that the majority of what she writes is nothing new; it's all fantastic, empowering stuff, that really makes you think, but if you're a connoisseur of the self-help or motivational non-fiction genre, then you may find yourself thinking you've heard all this before. And that's totally fine. The Goodreads reviews are really all over the place - some love it, others hate it - but I found it to be really helpful, and I'm passing it around my friend group.

The way Hollis tells her stories is funny and engaging, and she interweaves faith, relationships, family trauma, and life lessons throughout the whole book. With punchy one-liners, funny anecdotes, and a heap of tough-love, Girl, Wash Your Face was a great read (and that's coming from someone who doesn't read non-fiction!).

Her second book, Girl, Stop Apologising, has recently been released, and I know I'll be picking up a copy for this month's Non-Fiction theme.

Have you read Girl, Wash Your Face? 

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