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Tangleweed and Brine | Deirdre Sullivan | Review

Long term readers of my reviews on here and over at This Northern Gal will be well aware of how much I love a good fairy tale retelling. I live and breathe for them. As such, when I saw Tangleweed and Brine in the bookshop, I knew I had to have it (and not just for that beautiful cover).

What I found inside that beautiful cover is a collection of stunning and sinister short stories. You can definitely tell that they have been inspired by fairy tales but they are woven together in new and exciting ways. There was something like magic in the words that Deirdre Sullivan crafted. Throughout the collection, themes such as betrayal, enchantment and change are explored in wonderful detail.

While I don't want to give away too much, I can point you in the direction of some of my favourites from Tangleweed and Brine. I loved Meet the Nameless Thing and Call it Friend, Ash Pale and The Tender Weight. They were utterly enchanting. They all come from familiar fairytales - though I'll let you guess which - but they were brilliantly novel.They were far darker than the original tales but still as captivating as your old favourites.

If you're a fan of Angela Carter or Jen Campbell, you need to check out these short stories. They're a perfect shot of magic for these cold winter evenings.

Kelly x

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