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Let Me Introduce Myself... | 5 Favourite Genres

Well hello there! I haven’t done a first post in years, this is kind of weird. I’m Sophie, the newest member of the team, usually writing over at In case you don’t read my blog, I thought my first post would be the perfect time to introduce myself by sharing some of my favourite books.

I discovered this ‘tag’ of sorts through a tweet from @acaseforbooks and basically the gist is you share not necessarily your favourite all-time books, but the books that would give someone else the exact idea of what sorts of books get you going. So, without further ado, here’s a summary of the kind of books I’m into, and what sort of genres you can expect from my future posts!

Harry Potter and the Nostalgic Childhood

Let’s start out with a biggie that shaped my life and introduced my love of reading. Harry Potter is my all-time favourite book world, while the books may not be my favourite books of all time they still mean so much to me. I call this genre my nostalgic genre, all the books from my childhood and teen years that instantly take me back. The books I could read again and again and quote half the book without even thinking.

See the Harry Potter series, and Lola Rose by Jaqueline Wilson (and the other JW books).

A Court of Fantasy

I’m incredibly picky about the types of fantasy books I enjoy, but finding the first novel to a huge series of fantasy novels is one of my favourite things. I love magic, human/animal beasts, humans with powers, certain non-sparkly vampires, and Greek gods. The books that transport you to another world where your 9-5 job doesn't exist and you don't have any homework to do, the places where everything is possible once you've got past a full on war or two - you know the kinds. The books that allow your imaginations to run wild, who knows what a high fae looks like? It's fun to see what others imagine too.

See the A Court of Thorns and Roses series, Percy Jackson, and The Mortal Instruments series.

Awkward Anna and Perfect Life

Young Adult is my favourite genre, and probably still will be for a fair few more years even though most YA books are based on two or three different storylines and are sort of aimed at people younger than myself. You know the ones; the ones all over the internet that everyone is reading and posting on their gorgeous flatlays because the covers are usually rather attractive. I admit I have bought a few of these solely for their covers without really knowing what the story is about. It's because it's YA I know I'll usually 95% of the time really enjoy it.

See Anna and the French Kiss series, Everything Everything, certain John Green novels, and Rainbow Rowell novels.

The Book Historian

Similar to Fantasy, while I love select Historical fiction I'm not a fan of most. I have particular parts of history that I enjoy reading about, not because of the suffering and tragic stories these people went through, but because these timelines interest me the most. These are obvious if you look at the books I enjoy in this category; mostly World War II, with a little of black history (slavery, segregation etc). I enjoy learning about these points in history and while most are fictional tales I'm more likely to take information in if they're fictional stories rather than non-fiction textbooks.

See The Book Thief, The Secret Life of Bees, and Maus.

Under Italian Skies with a Gorgeous Italian

You can usually never go wrong with a cheesy romance novel. It's obvious what's going to happen; introduce a lonely woman (usually in a new job or new place or freshly single), walks in prince charming, they hate each other, they love each other, something bad happens, then they live happily ever after. You know the ones. I can't help but enjoy most of these, usually they're the type of books I grab when I've just finished an intense read, maybe something historic or a long action-filled fantasy. Having a brain-numbing book for your brain to switch off during is sometimes rather useful, it's like watching Keeping up with the Kardashians, you don't really care what's happening but they're entertaining you enough to keep your mind at ease and relax.

See Under Italian Skies, and select Nicholas Sparks novels.

Are you into any of these genres too? Whats your five favourites that describe you, I'd love to get to know you!

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