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The Moonlight Dreamers | Siobhan Curham | Review

(I received this book for free in exchange for a review. My opinions haven't been affected as a result.)

I first heard about this book, and one of my first thoughts had to be, "What a great title for a book!" I knew Siobhan prior to this book, but I was really excited for this one. Like many UKYA books, I often hear a lot of really positive things about them before I actually manage to get my hands on a copy. This book was no exception, so naturally when Walker were kind enough to send me a copy, I was very eager to read it.

The book features four main characters; Amber, Maali, Sky and Rose. Amber loves excitement, but is bullied at school because she has two dads. But, she's inspired by Oscar Wilde and realises there must be other 'moonlight dreamers' like her in London. She encounters Maali, Sky and Rose by chance and together, as friends, they all go and start pursuing their dreams.

This book is so well written. It has to be said. It's told from the different perspectives of all the characters, but as and when it's appropriate. Certain things happen to certain characters at different points, but you don't just get the perspectives of that character who it's happened to, you get the perspectives of some others as well. It's a well rounded story, showing how stories often become intertwined with one another. 

Siobhan's really nailed the teenage voice in this book too. In my opinion, she's really nailed the teenage voice, perspectives and attitudes, but also the dreams and aspirations. It sounds like an uplifting book, and it really is. It's not, however, an impossible story. You'll be on the edge of your seat experiencing how real the story is and how relatable it is. 

Honestly, I wanted to be friends with the four main characters. I wanted to be part of the Moonlight Dreamers group! You'll be rooting for, worried for and supportive of Maali, Amber, Rose and Sky. A book that will appeal to everyone in my opinion. 

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