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Group Collaboration | Team BB's Back to School Reading List

As many have already headed back to school, College or University during September we want to delve into the world of mandatory reading. Love them or loathe them we all had those lists of mandatory books our teachers told us to read and analyse in classes.

But what if you had the chance to choose what you and everyone else in your class got to read?

This year our Blogger's Bookshelf team have compiled a list of books that we feel should be on everyone's to-do list to read at the start of the school year. Check them out below!

Thank you to this month's contributors: Ria, Rachel, Anjali, Erin and Christina at YA Love Magazine

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Next month we're getting in the spooky mood and want to know what are the scariest scenes from your favourite books! If you'd like to get involved just email or drop us a tweet @blog_bookshelf!

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