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(RE)Sisters | Various Authors | Review

Edited by Jane Bradley, Published by For Books Sake

Featuring a diverse range of characters, genres, styles and subject matters, compiled following a global call for submissions, (RE)Sisters explores today's teenage girls' fears, frustrations, strength, stories, potential, and power. A fierce, fearless and topical tribute to girls' rebellion and resistance, (RE)Sisters is defiant, distinctive and unapologetic. Just like its heroines.

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A wonderfully diverse set of stories and wholly distinct voices, (Re)Sisters is a fantastic collection of short stories and pieces of flash fiction that showcases female writers from all backgrounds and writing experiences.

The collection features all sorts of narratives and snippets of life, both very close to reality, some that bend reality and others taking themes from our World and placing them in totally different settings. As the title of the book implies the stories are centred around women and girls of all ages around the theme of rebellion. Many of the girls are rebellious in both big and small ways - some shout their rebellion in the streets, others run away from the status quo, a handful are quiet fighters in the shadows of gritty, oppressed worlds.

The writers selected cover the whole globe within their stories, feature different sexualities and races, and the anthology covers a great range of genres from harrowing contemporary fiction to Atwood-esque Dystopia. Though the stories are wholly varied, the writing quality across the board is fantastic - a testament to Bradley’s eye for talent clearly.

Though it’s tough for me to pick a favourite - I loved them all so much! - you’d be hard pressed to not find a story you either relate to or truly enjoy reading. For me (Re)Sisters is the perfect read for any YA loving feminist (and may be an eye opener for those who aren’t!).

*cover via GoodReads

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