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Features | Books That Have Been On My TBR For Too Long

1. The one I borrowed years ago and have yet to return.

I borrowed my dad's copy of Catch-22 probably about ten years ago now. I've started reading it at least three times since then but for some reason I always seem to pick it up when I'm in the wrong mood for it. I know exactly what to expect and I'm sure that I'll like it but I have just yet to find the perfect time for me to read it. Luckily, I don't think my dad is expecting it back any time soon.

2. The one I was required to read but never did.

In Cold Blood was one of the assigned books for a module on biography and crime writing that I did at university but I didn't give myself enough time to read it properly before the seminar. I skim read it and really liked the parts that I did read so I've been meaning to actually read it ever since but with the immediate deadline of having to discuss it in a seminar gone it has been sat on my bookshelf half forgotten since I finished that module.

3. The one that is just too intimidating.

The Mists of Avalon has so many pages. I'm really interested in Arthurian literature and as this is a really popular Arthurian book and one of the only books I know of that focuses on the women in those legends, I know I'm going to find it really interesting. But it just has so many pages.

4. The one I'm most ashamed about.

Everyone has read To Kill a Mockingbird. Even people who don't read a lot of books have read To Kill a Mockingbird. But I haven't. In fact, I didn't even own it until last year. We never studied it at school, which I know is how a lot of people come to it, and although I have wanted to read it for a long time, I guess there have just always been other books I wanted to read more. I am going to read it though. Soon!

5. The one that has been there the longest.

I think I was about seven or eight when my mum bought Northern Lights for me. I was deep into Harry Potter and so a lot of fantasy books were bought at around that time, although if I'm being honest not a lot were read, but Northern Lights is the one that I most feel like I should have read by now. These books are a huge part of so many people's childhoods, and yet my only experience with it is that I read the first few pages, decided it wasn't enough like Harry Potter, and then it sat on my bookshelf for seventeen years and now I feel a little pang of guilt every time I look at it.

What are the books that have been on your TBR for too long?

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