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The Unexpected Everything | Morgan Matson | Review

Morgan Matson's fourth YA Contemporary follows politician's daughter Andie who has dreams of becoming a doctor and an internship with a top medical school lined up for her summer break. However, when her father is unexpectedly involved in a scandal, Andie's life is flipped upside down. Her internship plans fall through and she finds herself taking on a job she never would have dreamed of; dog walking!

Just like Matson's previous novels The Unexpected Everything tackles friendships, love and family drama with a whole host of lovable characters introduced along the way - this time, also including an adorable dog named Bertie! Of course, the book has that fun, summer read feeling but as always Matson has included a certain depth to the storyline as well.

Similarly to Matson's other releases the book includes a few extras in terms of the format. This time around emoji-filled group text conversations between Andie and her best friends, as well as excerpts from fantasy novels penned by one of the characters were scattered throughout the novel.

One of my favourite sequences from the book was the scavenger hunt, which was somewhat reminiscent of the idea of the to-do list in Since You've Been Gone - speaking of which, fans of Matson's novels will be pleased to find a few crossovers and cameos hidden within TUE's pages!

If you're still compiling your summer reading list, be sure to add The Unexpected Everything to the top of it!

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