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What We Talk About When We Talk About Clone Club: Bioethics & Philosophy In Orphan Black | Gregory E. Pence | Review

*Review copy c/o Netgalley

"Bioethics is one of today's most exciting new fields. Orphan Black is one of the most exciting shows on television. Bioethics explores ethical issues in medicine and science. Orphan Black dramtizes ethicial issues in medicine and science. What could be more appropriate than a marriage of the two?"

What We Talk About When We Talk About Clone Club is a new non-fiction release all about the science and philosophy behind fictional TV series Orphan Black. Just how much of the science is realistic? And what would happen if a ‘Clone Club’ really did exist? This book sets out to answer these questions and many more.

Written by bioethics expert and fan of the show Gregory E Pence, the book explores the topics of bioethics and philosophy, looking specifically at cloning and drawing examples from Orphan Black’s storylines.

Luckily for me, you don’t need to be a scientist yourself to pick up this book. The way the, often complex, ideas are explained is really accessible and whilst there is a lot of information included in the book, Pence manages to make it an engaging and enjoyable read throughout, constantly referring back to relevant examples the show's fans will know well. It can be easy for this type of book to become so heavy on the factual information that the references get lost, so I was particularly impressed by the way Pence neatly linked everything back to Orphan Black.

The book ends with a chapter detailing Pence’s ideas for future storylines on the show, which I thought was a fun way to conclude. Of course I’m now looking forward to finding out whether any of these ideas will actually be explored on the show!

Whether you’re a big fan of Orphan Black or not, What We Talk About When We Talk About Clone Club is an entertaining and thought-provoking read full of fascinating information – definitely one worth picking up!

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