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Ted Saves the World | Bryan Cohen | Review


Ted is a stereotypical, unpopular, white, teenage boy. He only has two friends and gets bullied frequently. Like the rest of the world, he is unaware that there is an inter-dimensional civil war going on for the fate of his planet. Heck, even after he's given his powers, he doesn't know about it.

To help him out, the same entities that gave Ted his powers have sent someone to help him out, in the form of a recently deceased cheerleader named Erica, who was thought to have just run away. Of course, the powers that be wouldn't have given Ted abilities if there wasn't an emergency in the form of a super-powered villain named Nigel who is in charge of getting the dark souls into Earth's dimension.


I don't often say this, but this was a book where I was more interested in, and concerned for, the secondary characters. I was actually rooting for them more than the main characters. Dhiraj, Natalie and Stucky had more of my attention than Ted, Erica, or Nigel. There was even a scene that had me feeling bad for Stucky, a bad guy. 

This is definitely a good, light read for people with any interest at all in teenage superhero stories. The story is fairly straightforward, but with an interesting subplot of solving Erica's murder. I did end up getting more emotionally engaged in the story than I thought I would. Several characters took turns that were unexpected. 

If you're in the market for a good superhero origin story without all the emotional baggage they usually bring with them, Ted Saves the World is an engaging choice. 

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