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Little Red Fish | James Moffitt & Bizhan Khodabandeh | Review

*Image and books provided by Netgally in exchange for an honest review.


This series is an allegory for the Iranian Revolution for adults and an adventure story for kids. The books tell the story of the fish who are under the harsh rule of the egrets. Their only hope is the eagle who is the only one able to take down an egret, but will he be able to do all of it himself?


I've been sold on this series for a while now. I first found it on Netgalley and thought the idea of an allegory for the Iranian Revolution (of which I know painfully little) would be a good way to start piquing my interest. I was not prepared for how beautiful the art work would be nor how quickly the story would draw me in. I've actually started immediately reading these books after getting approved on Netgalley because I need to know what happens next! 

Of course, I could do some research on the Iranian Revolution to find out what's going to happen next, but I will not get to see it in such a beautiful art style. I cannot understate how well the art and design work for this series. It actually takes me longer to read these books than most graphic novels because I like the artwork. 

This series a beautiful allegory for a piece of Iranian history that is under researched. Even if you don't care about learning history, the story is amazing and dramatic. I'm happily addicted to this series and I hope you will give it a read as well. 

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