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Features | 5 Ways To Choose Your Next Read

1/ Goodreads Recommendations - a simple one to kick off with, the recommendations page on Goodreads is a great place to start looking for your next favourite book. Selecting titles based on each of your shelves Goodreads allows you easily to scroll through and read the synopsis of each one. It also details why you have received the recommendation in the 'Because you added...' section, and similarly on each book's page there is a 'Reader's Also Enjoyed' section - very handy if you're looking for a similar read.

2/ What Should I Read Next? - although there are now several of these next read generator style websites out there, What Should I Read Next? has to be my top pick. It's clean and simple design is easy to use and will provide a long list of books based on tags and lists created by other readers.

3/ The TBR Jar - this one is for those of you who can't resist a book haul! If like many readers you have a whole host of unread books sitting on your shelves or e-reader why not write down each of the titles on a strip of paper and add them into a jar so you can pick out your next read at random. It's perfect for those who aren't 'mood readers' and love a surprise (although you could even create multiple jars, one for each genre), plus it's a brilliant way to cross some titles off of that long TBR list.

4/ #bookbloggers - the weekly book bloggers Twitter chat, which takes place every Tuesday at 7pm UK time is another brilliant way to connect with other readers and find out what they've been enjoying lately. Along with many other book-related social media hashtags (#currentlyreading, #whattoread, #mustreads, #bookstagram etc) it's also the perfect way to discover more book blogs which are full of reviews and recommendations that may inspire you to pick up something new.

5/ The YA Flowchart - if YA is your thing this colourful interactive flowchart could be your new BFF when it comes to choosing your next read. Whilst it may not provide and endless wealth of suggestions there are twenty-two YA titles to choose from, some more well-known than others, hopefully including one or two that even the biggest YA fan may not have discovered yet.

How do you usually choose your next read?

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  1. Love this! Such great ideas, and I've used them nearly all before! They're so handy. Checking out the YA flowchart now :)


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